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2015: I photographed my first 22 weddings
 2018: I was where you are now, ENGAGED

2019: My husband and I got MARRIED! We were relaxed, and had the best day, which is exactly what I want for you!

Growing up, I was the child who had three or four disposable cameras for a five-day stay at camp. I was also the "family photographer" on vacations, holding hostage the camera my parents had brought along. It was in high school that I first began studying photography, and I was lucky enough to continue studying in college. Throughout my education, my interest in photography became a passion, and that passion has only continued to grow.

Since college, I have been privileged to take my camera around the world, from my life in Columbus, a destination wedding in Nashville, trips to Colorado, Florida, Arizona, France, London, Mexico, and my semester abroad in Italy, where I continued to study photography. After graduation, I began work in commercial photography before taking the leap into starting my own business.

For the past five years, I've had a big crush on wedding photography! I feel so lucky to work at celebrations, and help people during one of the biggest days of their lives. Now that I'm a married lady, I strive to give all couples what my husband and I  had, the most  memorable day to look back on with so much love!



My family and friends are everything to me! I'm lucky to have quite a few of them in town. My husband and I got married last April, so wedding planning is still very familiar to me!


I just love when couples want their pets in their pictures, because we have a few of our own! I rescued Thea as a kitten in 2014, and our puppy, Leo, joined our family in January!


I thrive on sunshine, and the ocean has always been my happy place. My husband and I actually were married on a beach!


I am a girly-girl at heart. Give me dresses or anything that sparkles! One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is seeing the dress ... and the shoes! 


My parents instilled in me a passion for learning about our world. I love that travel can be about enjoying time with loved ones, or a chance to gain a new perspective!


Long before my husband and I were married, I had worked around weddings. In fact, I photographed weddings for four full years before our wedding year even began. In that time, I'd already photographed almost 100 weddings, which really helped us plan our wedding. I'm grateful to have had mentors to teach me early on, and I admit that I picked up a lot of knowledge when I went on my own, as well. 

Weddings are full of excitement, but they can also be a stressful time filled with so many details! One of my biggest goals is to take some of that stress away from couples and their families. I am definitely a "plan-ahead kind of girl," and do as much as I can before the wedding, so that brides and grooms can get the most out of their day and enjoy their celebration with everyone that they love!




- 6 hours coverage
- second photographer
- engagement session
- online gallery
- flashdrive
- planning assistance
-additional a la carte options available

PACKAGE I - $2400

- 8 hours coverage
- second photographer
- engagement session
- online gallery
- flashdrive
- planning assistance
-additional a la carte options available

PACKAGE II - $3000

Custom packages can be designed and will  include online galleries and flash drives. 

A la carte options include prints, albums, canvases, books, etc.



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